Wedding photography is about documenting one of the best days of your life.

You will drop your dark chocolate digestive into your tea from laughing when you come across the photos of the two of you making crazy moves on the dance floor. You will be reminded of the joy you felt when you look at photos of all of your friends, especially those who came to your wedding from different parts of the world. The photos will take you back to the morning of your wedding day when your loved ones helped you to get ready... of course, reading these paragraphs, it's obvious you're looking through your wedding album from back to front. But that's cool, that's the way you guys roll.

You like to do things a little different. So do I.

proud to
photograph people
in love


Your wedding is a day filled with unforgettable emotions, your favourite people, tears and laughter.

As a wedding photographer my goal is to make you feel stress-free. No bossing around, rushing or hurrying; the day is yours, I'll capture what happens. I have a documentary style, the atmosphere is nice and relaxed; this allows us to connect and build trust. Thanks to that I can capture the most intimate moments of your day.

I'm passionate about wedding photography and my couples which means you can rely on me, my creativity and professionalism. Still, my number one objective is for you to have great fun on your wedding day and leave the documenting in images to me.

All of my packages include beautiful wedding albums. You choose the images, we work on the design together and you have final say every step of the way. Your wedding album is your archive of all the special moments you shared on the day. My vision is for you to relive the emotion and joy every time you curl up on the couch and slowly turn each page.



“We booked Joanna for our wedding in Dublin. Like most couples we were very nervous about our pictures being taken but once we met Joanna for our pre wedding consultation we knew everything would be fine. Joanna was very reliable and communicative in the run up to the wedding day, she was always quick to respond on the phone or email to our questions. During the wedding day she put us at ease and she made the whole thing very relaxed and enjoyable. We really like how friendly and helpful she was, she was constantly smiling and even our guests were asking if Joanna is our old friend who happened to be a wedding photographer.

If you are looking for an alternative wedding photographer with a documentary style but most importantly with a friendly approach we highly recommend Joanna"

Michelle & Simon, Dublin




I like mangos and I cry at weddings.

I’m a city girl and a country girl, I love both! I like to wander around the streets of Dublin or sit in a coffee-shop window and people watch. I also love to escape the hustle and bustle of Dublin City and jump in my car and explore the West of Ireland.

I love my job as a wedding photographer, it’s always exciting and I get to meet great people.

I’m delighted to be part of the community of wedding photographers in Ireland.


Exploring the Fast Track to Romance: Myth or Reality?

In a world where instant gratification is often the norm, many wonder if there's a similar "fast track" when it comes to romance. The concept of swiftly finding love, bypassing the usual hurdles and time investments, is an appealing notion to many. However, the journey of romance, with its deep emotional connections and understanding, typically unfolds over time. This article delves into the reality of fast-tracking romance, exploring whether it is a feasible approach to finding lasting love or a myth perpetuated by cultural narratives and modern dating technologies.

The Lure of Instant Connection

Instant Chemistry: More Than a Feeling?

The idea of instant chemistry is tantalizing, suggesting that two people can immediately sense a deep connection that heralds the beginning of a meaningful romance. This concept suggests that from the moment of first contact, there are undeniable signals that you've found your "soulmate." While instant attraction for an escort is real, the depth and sustainability of these connections are often more complex than initial feelings suggest.

The Role of Dating Apps

Dating apps have revolutionized the way we meet potential partners, promising to streamline the search for love and potentially fast-track the process. With algorithms designed to match based on compatibility, interests, and preferences, these platforms offer the illusion of a shortcut to romance. However, while they can facilitate introductions, the development of a deep and enduring connection still requires time and effort beyond the digital realm.

The Reality of Deepening Connections

The Time Factor: Building Trust and Understanding

One of the fundamental aspects of developing a romantic relationship is the building of trust and understanding, processes that inherently take time. These elements are crucial for a strong foundation and cannot be rushed. The journey through shared experiences, challenges, and mutual support is what strengthens a bond between two people, something that no fast track can replicate.

Emotional Intelligence and Communication

A key component of a lasting romance is the level of emotional intelligence and communication between partners. Understanding each other's emotional needs, expressing feelings effectively, and navigating conflicts require a level of maturity and patience that is developed over time. These skills are essential for the health and longevity of a relationship and cannot be fast-tracked without risking misunderstandings and unresolved issues.

The Myth of the Love at First Sight

Romanticizing Immediate Connections

While love at first sight is a popular concept in literature and media, it romanticizes the idea of immediate, profound connections. This notion can set unrealistic expectations, suggesting that lasting love can be established based on initial attraction alone. In reality, true love is often the result of gradual emotional investment and the deepening of mutual respect and affection over time.

The Danger of Rushing Romance

Rushing into a relationship based on the belief in love at first sight or the desire for a quick connection can lead to overlooking fundamental differences and red flags. The initial rush of romance might overshadow important aspects of compatibility, leading to challenges down the line. A more measured approach, allowing feelings to develop at their own pace, typically leads to more stable and fulfilling relationships.

Cultivating Lasting Love

The Value of Patience and Growth

Cultivating a lasting love requires patience, effort, and a willingness to grow together. It involves navigating life's ups and downs as a team and learning from each other along the way. This process enriches the relationship, fostering a deeper connection that is not easily replicated by rushing the initial stages of romance.

Creating a Foundation for the Future

Building a strong foundation for a relationship takes time and involves more than just the initial spark of attraction. It requires mutual understanding, shared values, and a commitment to support each other. These elements form the bedrock of a lasting romance, proving that the most enduring connections are those that are nurtured over time.

n conclusion, while the notion of a fast track to romance is appealing, the reality is that lasting love is cultivated through time, effort, and emotional investment. The journey of building a deep and meaningful connection cannot be rushed, and it is this gradual process that ultimately leads to a more fulfilling and enduring romantic partnership.